Working in the US

Working in the U.S.

Even if you've never been to America, you likely have a notion or two of what to expect. While Hollywood movies capture the geographic diversity of this vast country, it's up to you to discover its essence, from the patriotism that bonds Americans together to the cultural differences that give each region its distinctive personality.

Land of opportunity

Your experience of America will be as unique as you are, for the choices you make will define the country for you. Will you live in one of New England's established cities, densely populated with universities and financial centers, or seasonless, sunny, southern California? Will your interests and experience lead you to an urban trauma center, a large teaching facility or community-based hospital? Once you've joined the Assignment America family, your Placement Consultant will assess your clinical skills and your preferences and help you find a job that suits you.

We make the foreign familiar

Many international RNs discover that nursing practice varies from their home countries. Some differences are humorous-you're certain to be puzzled at first by some common terms for everyday items-while some can be daunting. Nurses in the U.S. are an integral part of the patient care team, and must make care decisions based on patient assessments. Assignment America will help you develop the necessary skills to make comprehensive assessments, and you'll discover that these heightened responsibilities bring a higher level of professional respect from physicians and your colleagues.

Despite contrasts large and small, your counterparts in the U.S. will be familiar in many important respects. They're as dedicated to patient care and as committed to advancing their knowledge and skills as nurses back home. You're just as likely to find that the people you meet are equally curious about you and interested in your experiences-often the foundation for memorable friendships.

Depend on Assignment America

Whatever your reasons for pursuing an international nursing career-to master the latest clinical skills, develop a fresh perspective, or immerse yourself in another culture-you can rely on Assignment America to make your professional and personal development our top priority. Backed by parent company Cross Country Healthcare, Inc., with its 40 years of experience, we're able to place nurses in top assignments with the country's most respected facilities. And our acculturation program will help you make the transition to your new home smoothly, enabling you to focus on your exciting new assignment.

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