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Cross Country Staffing, the parent company of Assignment America, has been greatly influenced by the incredibly caring and giving nature of our healthcare professionals. As a result, we have made a solid commitment to give back to our communities, patients and families in as many ways as we can. Throughout the year, we look to add to the list below as we find worthy causes to support.

Project Perfect World
Assignment America could not be prouder in supporting an organization like Project Perfect World (PPW). This non-profit charity is dedicated to improving the lives of children in less developed countries. Up to four times a year, PPW sponsors medical teams to deliver much needed medical care to the neediest of children. Click here

March of Dimes

Striving to deliver stronger, healthier babies for more than 75 years, March of Dimes is on a mission that Assignment America looks forward to being a part of by participating in the upcoming March for Babies. For more information, Click here

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